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Store Pickup

store pickup

order online & pick
it up today for free.

here’s how it works:

  1. 1

    choose “pickup”

    choose store pickup when placing your order.

  2. 2

    when it’s ready

    we’ll confirm when you place your order & again when it’s ready for pickup.

  3. 3

    pick it up

    come to the Guest Service desk & show a valid ID.


How long before my order is ready?

  • Orders placed before 7pm local time:
    Usually ready for pickup within 2 hours
    of placing an order.
  • Orders placed after 7pm local time:
    May not be available until the next
    business day.
  • Orders placed after store closing:
    Ready the next business day, usually
    within 2 hours of store opening.

How long will you hold my order
for pickup?

We will hold your order for 4 full days
after you receive your “ready for pickup”
email. If it is not picked up after 4 days,
we will cancel your order and return the
items to the shelf. You will not be
charged for any canceled items.

Can I have someone else pick up
my order?

You can choose one alternate pickup
person during checkout. This person
can pick up your order by presenting
a valid photo ID.