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We want you to be happy with whatever you buy from That’s why we offer support and service plans for many of our items.

Target replacement & service plans

Target extended service plans Replacement and Service Plans provide coverage for new electronics products sold online at and in Target stores. You can view and choose the best service plan for your electronic by searching on “Extended Service Plan” in the Search box. Coverage begins on the date the plan is purchased and is inclusive of the manufacturer's warranty. With the Plan Coverage, if your product malfunctions, simply call our toll-free Guest Services team at 1-866-469-6356 to arrange fast, convenient service.

No Lemon Policy - the no lemon policy provides automatic replacement after your product requires repair three times for the same problem.

Normal Wear-and-Tear Protection - covers 100% labor cost within the terms of the plan.

Surge Protection - the plan covers your product from the date of purchase.

1-Yr. Protection for Rechargeable Batteries - the plan covers one-time replacement of an embedded or rechargeable battery.

Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) - coverage for laptops, tablets and netbooks only. This coverage protects the Guest from damage from spills, drops and cracks.


q: what products are eligible for a Target replacement or service plan?
A: Most consumer electronics are eligible for a Target Replacement or Service Plan, with the exception of contract cell phones. Covered products include televisions, projectors, DVD players, MP3 players, video game consoles, clock radios, boom boxes, cameras, camcorders, computers and peripherals. Pre-owned products do not qualify for plans.

q: when does coverage begin and end?

A: Coverage begins on the date the Target Replacement or Service plan is purchased. The end date of coverage is dependent on the plan purchased:
Replacement Plan coverage continues for 2 years.
Laptop plan coverage continues for 2 years.
Service plan coverage continues for 3 years.

q: can I purchase a Target replacement or service plan after I purchase my product?
A: For products purchased in Target stores or on, Target Replacement or Service Plans can be purchased within 90 days of the purchase date of the product. The original product receipt will be required and the process can be handled at any Target Guest Services Desk.

q: what should I do with the identification sticker that was included in the Target replacement or service plan package?
A: The Target Replacement or Service Plan identification sticker contains your plan number and important phone and website information. Affix the identification sticker to your covered product, or keep the identification sticker in a safe place for future reference. Orders placed on will receive a letter instead of a sticker—please save this letter for future reference.

q: when will I receive my Target replacement or service plan information?
A: You will receive instructions by standard mail along with a copy of your service plan within 7-10 business days after purchase.  

q: do I need to register or activate my Target replacement or service plan?
A: Registration is voluntary, but for extra safety we encourage you to register at You may also call Target Replacement or Service Plan Guest Services at 1-866-469-6356.

q: how do I know what is covered by the Target extended service plan?

A: The Target Replacement and Service Plans protect against mechanical and electrical breakdowns due to normal wear and tear. This does not include physical or liquid damage. Please refer to your Target Replacement and Service Plan Terms and Conditions for a complete list of coverage.

q: what if I am trying to register a product I received as a gift?
A: The person who purchased the plan needs to transfer the plan to your name by calling 1-866-469-6356 or submitting a transfer request in writing to: Also, please have the purchase price of the product available.

q: can I transfer my Target replacement or service plan?
A: Yes. You may transfer your plan to a new owner by calling Target Replacement and Service Plan Guest Services at 1-866-469-6356.

q: is battery coverage provided?
A: Yes. Plans cover the one-time replacement of embedded or rechargeable batteries in digital cameras, camcorders and MP3 players during the first year of the plan.

q: how do I file a claim?
A: You can file a claim online at or by contacting the Target Replacement and Service Plan Guest Services toll-free at 1-866-469-6356.

q: can I return/cancel my Target extended service plan if I return the product?
A: Yes. Simply return your product to the store along with your receipt to receive a refund. You may return the Plan to any Target location within the first 90 days for a full refund of the Plan purchase price, less any claims paid. After 90 days, a written cancellation request must be submitted to: Warranty Corporation of America Attn: Target ESP, PO Box 1818, Sterling, VA, 20167 Attn: Cancellations.

q: what is a no lemon policy?
A: The No Lemon Policy takes effect after your product is repaired two times for the same problem. If your product requires a third repair for the same problem, Target reserves the right to issue a Target Gift Card in the amount of the original product purchase price less applicable taxes.

q: what if I have questions about my Target replacement or service plan?
A: Simply call us toll-free at 1-866-469-6356.